WHO announces members of the Task Group on Radiofrequency Fields and Health Risks
Dr. Joel Moskowitz comments sent out December 2022
The list of 21 experts selected by the WHO for the Task Group on Radiofrequency Fields and Health Risks appears below along with information I compiled regarding task group members’ EMF publications and affiliations with ICNIRP, the self-selected group that recommends RF exposure limits which are promoted by the WHO.
Eleven of the 21 individuals have current or past affiliations with ICNIRP. Most of the other individuals have published or presented papers defending ICNIRP’s RF exposure limits. A recent study found that ICNIRP heavily cites its own members’ research and that of their close colleagues to support the ICNIRP exposure limits (Nordhagen and Flydal, 2022).
Not one of the 250 EMF scientists who signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal was selected by the WHO for the Task Group. Nor were any of these scientists selected to work on the ten research reviews that the Task Group will consider. Yet. signatories of the International EMF Scientist Appeal have more than 2,000 EMF publications listed in the EMF-Portal archive.
Apparently, the WHO has biased the selection of participants in the task group and the research reviews to ensure that the forthcoming WHO RF health risk monograph will support ICNIRP’s weak RF exposure limits that fail to protect humans and other species from chronic exposure to low levels of radiofrequency radiation. It’s no wonder that much of the public distrusts the WHO if this is how the agency proceeds to “enhance its management of conflicts of interest as well as strengthen public trust and transparency.”

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