“A technology that I had once thought was harmless, it turns out to be harmful so I’m here to tell you what that harm is.”

Dr. Kent Chamberlin is chair and a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of New Hampshire. In this Patreon presentation, Chamberlin discusses how the telecom industry fights against any limitations to its wireless infrastructure, the FCC’s unprotective safety standards, and why our regulatory agencies don’t do more to protect the public.

Chamberlin was appointed in 2019 by the university system chancellor to serve on the New Hampshire 5G Commission. The commission was formed by legislation passed by the state assembly. The 12-person commission met for a year to review the science and to speak to outside experts.

Chamberlin said all the presenters except one provided clear evidence that wireless radiation posed a threat to human health and the environment. The presenter who did not acknowledge those risks was the presenter from the telecom industry. That presenter was also the only person paid to present to the commission.

The commission concluded in its report that 5G poses a significant risk to health and the environment. Three commission members dissented, including the two commissioners who were representing the telecommunications industry and state Sen. James Gray.

Nonetheless, the majority of the commission developed a list of recommendations, including establishing a 500-meter setback for the installation of cell towers. A setback law is designed to protect the people from wireless radiation exposure from cell towers, It would mean more costs to the telecom industry to position towers out of harm’s way.

Legislation has been written to implement the commission’s recommendations but it won’t be voted on until fall 2022. Chamberlin calls it an uphill battle because of telecom’s deep pockets and its threats to challenge lawmakers who vote against the wireless industry.

In the meantime, telecom continues to argue that the health impacts are not attributable to the wireless infrastructure despite hundreds of studies showing a relationship. Chamberlin says telecom is counting on the public shrugging at the experiences of those who are electro hypersensitive since many of the onset symptoms are common — nausea, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, confusion, and weakness. Studies show that ongoing exposure to electromagnetic fields may cause more serious issues, like the creation of radical oxidative stress in the body that could lead to other diseases.

“You’re probably going, ‘Wow this is serious stuff. How come we don’t know about it?’” Chamberlin said. “You would expect this to be on the front page of newspapers but please consider where does a lot of the advertising revenue come from? For many news outlets, who advertises a huge amount? You know, the companies, the telecom industries. So apparently from what I’ve seen, news outlets are very unwilling to bite the hand that feeds them.”

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https://ehtrust.org/why-big-telecom-ignores-the-science-on-5g-dr-kent-chamberlin-patreon-live-event/ Source: Environmental Health Trust