The 5G Mass Experiment : ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency Fields

by Joel Moskowitz, PhD, Dept of Public Health, UC Berkeley, CA

A review and extrapolation of a European journalism project to uncover the truth about rf guidelines and why they haven’t changed in over 20 years, even though they are at odds with current independent scientific findings. This project also reveals how a handful of scientists supporting the industry-friendly status quo have impacted what the World Health Organization says about rf radiation and health – at the expense of the health of the public they are charged with protecting. The World Health Organization is yet another organization “captive” of industry, and in turn, so is our Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which agrees with the WHO on these points, as does the FCC and FDA, which take their cues from the others.

Why are obsolete radiofrequency radiation guidelines being used in 2019? Why have the United States and other governments around the world not adjusted their guidelines for decades? Part of the problem is that industry-friendly scientists, similar to the “tobacco scientists” of decades past, who told us cigarettes were safe, keep saying these guidelines are still accurate – even when they never were, and certainly haven’t kept up with current independent scientific studies by the tens of thousands.

Click here to learn how the public health has been sacrificed to benefit industry. CEP commends the independent European journalists who’ve banded together to reveal the ugly face of scientific corruption.