Wi-fi from Hell by M. Cain 2019

San Francisco, California. Awake, again, at 3am. M. Cain draws how they feel.  The compelling and raw line drawings illustrate Electrical Sensitivity (EHS): the sleeplessness, headaches, and ear ringing.

Insomnia by M. Cain 2019
Tinnitus 3 by M. Cain 2019
Tinnitus by M. Cain 2019
Idea for an animation:a graph of a year in the life of a man. It starts and continues slowly with the man getting 'pinged' with tiny holes through his body as by a soft breeze. As more and more holes blow through him the man becomes confused and dizzy. Then, through the holes, you begin to see the sky, or whatever is happening behind him. He does not fight this, is just too tired to care. Finally he calmly sits on the floor as the last holes completely disappear him. While the theme music is also putting You to sleep with it's creepy dissonance. M. Cain 2019 
Wi-fi headache by M.Cain 2019

M. Cain is a long time resident of San Francisco who holds a BFA from California State University at Los Angeles and has worked professionally as a graphic designer for non-profits for decades.

MORE INFO HERE  Stop 5G with ordinances

M. Cain says, I wanted the drawings to show what EHS feels like. The line is like a thread, you can pull through ideas. They start with a line and they become an inner informant to a deeper layer.”

Balancing Act by M. Cain 2019

Read this EMF Health Effects 2019 Survey for a better understanding of EHS.

This last drawing reaches for hope, a return to the Earths natural frequencies. Thank you M. Cain.

7.83Hz by M. Cain 2019