Canary in a Gold Mine
Streaming World Premiere – Ko Festival of Performance
Feb. 11 and 12 @ 7:30, Feb. 13 @ 3:00 pm
World Premiere online | Get tickets>

Locked down during COVID and desperate to make theatre, Piti Theatre’s Jonathan Mirin turns the camera on . . . himself, telling the story of the mysterious symptoms his life and production partner Godeliève began experiencing a decade ago. Increasingly unable to leave the house and take care of their new baby, the couple contends with the growing likelihood that her illness is environmental – and inescapable.

Godeliève‘s severe neurological symptoms are triggered by exposure to the wireless radiation that the rest of society is passionately embracing to connect devices and upload cat videos. As her electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), (a.k.a. “microwave sickness.”) worsened, Mirin found himself compelled to become a public health advocate, activist & petitioner in a landmark legal case against the FCC.
Watch trailer below.

Canary in a Gold Mine: 2 minutes from Piti Théâtre Company on Vimeo.

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