So to understand your position in this Global System, you must then understand you live in and benefit from an Industrial complex – A factory, namely your own Country. You are not expected to understand EVERYTHING that makes your Human Factory work. This is why impossible Laws were created with a language called Legalese and at some point recently you most likely voted in a sham election for representatives to look after your Country. Science became the cornerstone of the Industrialised Age, leaving behind religion.Tesla’s inventions and the computer dominated the latter part of the 20th Century giving way to Industrialised Countries becoming Global Superpowers. Globalisation, money, power, technology and status just made Humogenising the Masses more efficient. The developed world has been installing the next generation of communications infrastructure for over a decade… Internet of Things… Smart Cities… 5G… Terms and conditions already agreed through voting:

Cashless global credit system

Carbon allowance

No ownership

24/7 surveillance of everything

Forced vaccinations

Mandatory education