Smombie Gate interviewed a a retired offshore instrument design engineer who worked for 30 years on designing small voltage signal systems etc.

“I find the roll-out of 5G a deliberate threat to humanity and to all life on this beautiful planet. As I interpret the agenda of this roll-out is to enhance the digital signal (DC) in the extreme towards that of the Sine wave so it overcomes the inherent Sine Wave (AC).”

This involves the human heart and all creatures that possess a heart structure, please see the animation below:

From what I have learnt Edison was essentially a marketing man who employed Tesla (one of his many inventors) Edison in his wisdom decided the way to go was for DC due to Morse-code signals and domestic supply in the late 1800’s. Although Tesla had invented the DC system he later invented the AC system which proved more successful. However by the time Edison was in full swing with DC and the Banking elite were backing him Tesla left his employment with Edison and began to create what he called “World wide free AC electricity”. Unfortunately most of Tesla’s designs and inventions were systematically destroyed by the American Mafia and he died in 1943 during WW2 a poor man.

Having accepted the above history I believe a very similar clash of DC and AC systems are occurring daily even as we speak: The daily scenario is one of Global DC/AC Social Engineering.

And looking at the animation above, travelling from left to right one can envisage TWO distinct forms of Social Engineering that of DC (Direct current) with its linear progression towards “t” (time). Initially it is not about “occultism” or what is called a “psychoanalysis” narrative. It refers directly to the individual’s clamour for Digital technology items of all descriptions, including 5G network before “t” runs out (Climate change scenario etc).

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In this pursuit the sovereign human space; which belongs to the individual is given up in the hope IT systems will evade or maybe conquer the former doomsday event. (Fight or flight), in short when the consumer is hooked on materialism and speed of the Internet, mind control becomes the norm. However, as Nature systems are in constant change without favour to anyone, I envisage a kind of occultism occurring to the straggling few sovereign individuals left on this planet. This is described in the moving Yellow Circle in the above animation in which the famous author L. Frank Baum described in his book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” in 1900. Many of his books with this title were banned throughout America as most state Governors considered it was mirroring the lack of Ineffectiveness of their chosen careers.

The AC (Alternating current) reflects not only the rhythm of every heart beat in creation but the Four Seasons of the Planet, in which 7.5 Billion people’s consciousness is intimately connected to. It is the High and Low flow of words and phrases in verse or prose as determined by the relation of long and short or stressed and unstressed syllables. It is the High and Lows of mountains and seas of tides of the ocean. Indeed it is Life itself. In the below diagram, it is described as “Dots” and yes the physical heart perceives Life as “Dots” some millionths of a second before the mind perceives its reality. Where the heart is considered a muscle organ. By using an electron microscope you can remove a small piece of muscle from the shoulder and follow it down until you arrive at a Patterns of “Dots” – This indeed is the direct perception of the physical heart. This is often called Fractals which involve waves and particles, the very source of the Universe. Hence the physical Heart IS the direct link to the Universe.

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Patterns in the Body

The above diagram are from a page out of a highly technical medical book + DVD which the 2 authors had truly omitted to fully understand the significance or connection (muscle = heart = patterns) in producing it. I fully understand why, it’s because the medical profession for the last 300 years has focused on just the head and shoulders, whereas the whole body has been neglected.

See the two diagrams below, one is in a definitive medical anatomy book – page 10, the other attachment is a definitive Art anatomy book – page 10. the books were published in 1996 and 2011 respectively.

I hope you will note a conflict of interest on exactly where the transverse plane is perceived between the two diagrams. Medical book = shoulder. Art book = navel centre, birth centre. The medical people are not interested in the “Whole” body, they would rather use high tech scanning / radiation practices – there’s money and status in their world.

The DC. approach is indeed the major concern people are slowly awaking up to when they begin to research into 5G and what it implies. I also watched a BBC programme recently called “Click” where the presenter asked a CEO of the major industry which is installing the Transmitting Masts for 5G in Bournemouth UK, if when the system is commissioned, will the speed of the Internet be increased? “NO” was the affirmative answer… “But it will mean there will be no blind spots in it’s transmission coverage”.

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Indeed! Is this the final nail in the coffin which Orwell described?

The most precious commodity for the individual must be space!

The details I sent you is my own research over a period of time, and how it all converged was seeing the Gif regarding the three dimensional AC Sine wave & DC format; and then relating it to the chaotic Social Engineering we observe in this world.

My ambition is to share these theories with you, this kind of work needs needs to be standard knowledge to enhance our awareness whether or not it’s peer-reviewed for from esteemed scientists residing in their Ivory towers.

It’s such as conflict of interest is the reason we neglect our responsibility towards this beautiful earth. The inner effects the outer world.

A man who shared his work with Smombie Gate.

Further reading – AC is an RF waveform: