What has the Sacred and Ancient Flower of Life have in common with 5G mast rollouts?

“The Flower of Life originates in one circle and all other circles are built up around that. That means you begin by drawing one circle and then continue drawing all the other circles around it. This symbol of the Flower of Life belongs to Sacred Geometry which believes that all life is part of a divine, geometric plan. All structures known to us are following this plan. Evidently, the Flower of Life is a very important geometric symbol. I will elaborate on this thought further on.”

Examples of the Flower of Life:

Examples of the optimum way to install 5G masts in Urban areas called a “hexagonal cell network”:

Science bit from the website tool:

“This example shows how to construct a 5G urban macro-cell test environment and visualize the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) on a map. The test environment is based on the guidelines defined in Report ITU-R M.[IMT-2020.EVAL] [1] for evaluating 5G radio technologies. This report defines several test environments and usage scenarios in Section 8.2. The test environment in this example is based on the urban environment with high user density and traffic loads focusing on pedestrian and vehicular users (Dense Urban-eMBB). The test environment includes a hexagonal cell network as well as a custom antenna array that is implemented using Phased Array System Toolbox™.”

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What scientists say about what I’ve found… Nothing:

I’ve asked scientists in the 5G community about the ‘optimum’ structure for 5G mast operation found in the images below – They’re all silent, as well as 30 other scientists across the world from varying backgrounds.

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My belief:

I 100% believe I’ve found something that may get us closer to the truth behind 5G – It cannot be coincidence the Flower of Life is the most optimal way to deploy the masts and it’s also been heralded as the sacred code for the Universe and life itself…

I’m asking all who want to speculate and test theories to play with this one and email me:

  • What will the effects will be on Human life and other life if the masts transmit and receive at high and low levels;
  • What kind of gasses and/or plasma will be created;
  • How will the signals be amplified;
  • What will be seen from above e.g. outside of our atmosphere or indeed other realms?
  • What will it look like with imaging sensors and what has 5G to do with sacred geometry?
  • Is this anything to do with Ghostbusters?

I’m not a scientist and need help, I’m happy to credit you if we’re able to crack this one open. Email at: [email protected]

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