The scientific application of the laws of electricity to the totality of existence on the physical plane will bring about a revolution upon the planet second only to that effected at the time of individualisation.1

The esoteric wisdom recognizes evolution to proceed in two distinct ways. Involution is the descent of spirit into matter and evolution is the ascent of spirit therefrom. The story of the prodigal son is a symbolic allegory describing this very same journey of going out into the far country and the conscious, intentional return to the place, the home, from where one started. Spirit-matter or life-appearance are the two points of living purpose. The age-old esoteric truism that spirit is matter at its highest point and matter is spirit at its lowest point was verified by scientists who demonstrated the essential unity of matter and energy as a result of Einstein’s famous theory of relativity developed early in the 20th century.

Because the sun-the storehouse of universal life and motion is a gigantic ball of electro-magnetic forces, which pulsate in all directions, every phenomenon in nature is connected with either electricity or magnetism. The earth itself is an electrified conductor responding to Akasic2magnetism, which incessantly generates electric currents. Electricity-the ONE Life at the upper rung of Being and Astral Fluid-the Athanor of the Alchemists-at its lowest, is the phenomenon that causes the interplay between the two poles of our universe.3 Electricity-referred to by The Secret Doctrine as the “water of life,” the sacred generator of fire, light, heat, adhesion and sound is the foundation of all manifestations and lies back of all evolution.

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We refer to the “mystery of electricity” because the esoteric wisdom asserts many attributes and functions to electricity that are not yet recognized by the scientific community and cannot safely be disclosed by the Guides of the race until humanity has attained a more balanced and altruistic state of consciousness. However, we do know that the mystery of electricity is responsible for the blazing forth of the inner spiritual light and the classification of the vibrating frequency of matter/energy into tamasrajas and sattva-Sanskrit terms referring to inertia, mobility and rhythm, or form, Soul and Spirit, respectively.

As the mystery of electricity continues to unfold, it will be recognized that the human being is composed primarily of light atoms. Thus, the light in the head, so familiar to esotericists, will be recognized as an objective phenomenon brought about by the fusion of the light inherent in substance and the light of the Soul.

The inner fires that transmute, transform and transfigure the human being are analogous to electric light. And, the symbolic “door of initiation” that admits one into a more inclusive state of consciousness is itself an electrical phenomenon. Being electrical in nature, it can present an obstructing force or a repelling energy. It is only when the electrical energy of which the “door” is constituted and that of which the individual is constructed synchronize and vibrate in unison does the “door” allow the individual to pass through to greater light.

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Every initiation is also a process of energy transmission from a higher (positively charged) center to a lower (negatively charged or receptive) center. Thus, when the Rod of Initiation is held in the hands of the Initiator it is electric voltage from a higher plane that is transmitted to the prepared and receptive individual or group.

Just as there is an aspect of electrical phenomena that produces light, so there is an aspect that produces cohesion. The tendency towards cooperation and the scientific basis of all meditation work are really to be found in this basic truth. The bringing in of force and the offering of a channel are all mystical ways of expressing a natural phenomenon as yet little comprehended. An understanding of this cohering attribute of electricity will eventually also reveal the scientific basis of the statement that the Age of Aquarius is the age of brotherhood.

Over the next 2000 years, we shall increasingly think and speak in terms of electricity, of voltage, of intensity and of power. Increasingly, we shall see each other and all forms of manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness. The relative capacities of old and wise souls in contrast to young and inexperienced souls will become objectively apparent as will their place on the ladder of evolution. As a result, the rule of the enlightened will once again reign on earth.

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The mysteries contain, within their formulas and teachings, the key to the science which will unlock the mystery of electricity-the greatest spiritual science and area of divine knowledge in the world, the fringes of which have only just been touched.

The Reappearance of the Christ by Alice A. Bailey, p. 123

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2 According to the Upanishads, Akasa is that from which all things proceed and that to which all things return. It is the ultimate end.
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