By Laurence Newey

ONE OF THE MAIN PREMISES of the Ageless Wisdom teachings as given to the world by Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey is that electromagnetism is the fundamental source and cause of all phenomena on every plane of manifestation–subtle and gross. This necessarily includes the physical plane and as such, this premise varies widely from that of standard gravity-based astrophysics. In fact, an ever-increasing catalogue of problems exists for the conventional science as 96% of the matter/energy needed to support the standard theory of the universe’s birth and functioning is missing. Exotic varieties of so-called dark matter and dark energy have been theorised to account for this, but to date, these hypothetical phenomena still exist solely in the minds and mathematical equations of astrophysicists. In order to maintain the principle cornerstones of their gravity-only model, i.e., the Big Bang, General Relativity, Black Holes and an Expanding Universe, astrophysicists need ever more complex theories. And meanwhile, space telescopes are sending infrared, ultraviolet and x-ray evidence that is making the standard theory more and more untenable.

This crisis in astrophysics is a welcome one from the angle of spiritual philosophy, for its complex and erroneous view of the universe and man’s position in it needs updating to reflect the elegant synthesis of reality. The notion of a cold, sterile universe inimical to life, where galaxies, suns and planets spin in isolation, has reflected man’s self-absorbed, materialistic consciousness down the ages. But today our steadily shifting perception towards universal brotherhood and interconnectedness is reflected in a new awareness of the electromagnetic nature of the universe. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire we are told that ” All physical phenomena as we understand the term have an electrical origin, and an initial vibration on the first sub-plane of the physical plane.”1 We find echoes of this great truth in the words of plasma scientists Wallace Thornhill and David Talbot:

From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organising galaxies, energising stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe.2

This eloquent description of the nature of reality parallels the concept of Fohat found in esoteric science. Helena Blavatsky describes Fohat as “personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding Unity of all Cosmic Energies, on the unseen as on the manifested planes…On the earthly plane his influence is felt in the magnetic and active force generated by the strong desire of the magnetizer. On the Cosmic, it is present in the constructive power that carries out, in the formation of things—from the planetary system down to the glow-worm and simple daisy—the plan in the mind of nature, or in the Divine Thought, with regard to the development and growth of that special thing . He is, metaphysically, the objectivised thought of the Gods; the ‘Word made flesh’ on a lower scale; and the messenger of Cosmic and human ideations : the active force in Universal Life” . 3

In the Stanzas of Dzyan that form the first part of The Secret Doctrine, the truth is beautifully encapsulated in the following occult phraseology that speaks directly to the intuition:

Fohat; the swift son of the divine sons, runs circular errands. He is the Steed, and the thought is the rider (i.e., he is under the influence of their guiding thought). He passes like lightning through the fiery clouds (cosmic mists); takes three, and five, and seven strides through the seven regions above and the seven below (the world to be). He lifts his voice, and calls the innumerable sparks (atoms) and joins them together. 4

In light of the above, an electric model of the universe would be a welcome step towards a rapprochement between esoteric and exoteric science, and it is therefore encouraging to learn of the pioneering work of plasma cosmologists. Their contention that we live in an electric universe is based on the fact that plasma makes up ninety-nine per cent of it–plasma generally being described as a sea of charged particles called electrons and ions that react collectively to forces exerted by electric and magnetic fields. While typically described as an ionised or electrically conductive gas, plasma is also considered to be a distinct and fundamental state of matter. Because it is often found in the form of ionised gas, it seems reasonable to speculate that this conductive medium provides an interface between the etheric levels of the physical plane and the gaseous state of matter. Through this mass of electrically charged particles, cosmic ideas in the form of galaxies, suns and planets are enabled to make the last stage of their descent from the archetypal planes into the light of day.

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The process is described in occult terms and symbols in the Stanzas of Dzyan on which the first book of The Secret Doctrine– Cosmogenesis–is based, and continued in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Here, the awe-inspiring beauty and detail of the work of the celestial hierarchies that bring the manifested worlds into being are revealed to the intuitive mind. Through precipitation and diversification–from one state of solidification to another–from the unknowable and eternal through steadily lowered vibrational rates, they work until the precipitating idea eventually reaches that minute bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum that science can observe and measure. A cosmic idea thus transits across the borderline between the esoteric, etheric realms and the exoteric, gaseous realms to form the various phenomena of deep space that are recognisable to the orthodox scientists of today.

The diagram shows a typical Birkeland current and the central z-pinch region–a cylindrical volume inside the spiral where extreme compression of matter can take place. I = current, B = magnetic field. From The Electric Sky, D.E. Scott.

A cosmic idea is electromagnetically transferred from etheric to gaseous levels through the common phenomenon of pairs of electric currents in space, entwining around one another to form double helixes. They are known as Birkeland currents, and any matter existing between these pairs of electric spirals undergoes tremendous compression. Its constituent elements are mixed–not homogenously, but arranged according to their electric potentials. According to plasma cosmologists, this is to be seen occurring throughout the universe and they suggest that this is the way that chemical separation takes place in cosmic plasmas. Furthermore, it may also be the way in which suns and planets are formed. In laboratory experiments, the matter gathered within the central vortex created by electric arcing is “pinched” into zones of spherical compression, and matter within it may be subjected to a greater or lesser degree of melting. If this process takes place on cosmic levels, its role in stellar and planetary formation becomes apparent.

“As above, so below” runs the great occult maxim. And in fact, the idea of a spiralling building pattern is not new when we recall the familiar biological spirals of DNA that are responsible for the way organisms are created, informed and sustained. Science has yet to discover that behind each strand of DNA lies a spiral of electric force, and indeed, that the atom itself is constituted of spiralling electric forces that provide the interface between the physical and subjective components of all organisms. Esoteric science has always advocated that electrical force underlies all building processes in the universe. According to The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, there are three basic types of electric motion in the cosmos, each one related to an aspect of the divine trinity that lies at the heart of many of the great world religions and philosophies–Will, Love-Wisdom, and Active Intelligence. These three are also known as electric fire, solar fire and fire-by-friction. Each of the three Gods or Logoi that comprise the divine trinity has all three aspects but demonstrates one more dynamically than the others and so is recognised as that dominant aspect itself.

With reference to A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (pp. 142-47), and beginning with the third Logos of the trinity, Active Intelligence expresses itself through rotary motion, which is due to the fire latent in matter itself. Rotary motion is apparent all around us–atoms, planets, solar systems and galaxies all rotate on their axes and within the perimeter of these whirling unified spheres are to be found variety and differentiation. By the revolution of matter, activity is increased making the material more pliable and adaptable. The active principle of this third Logos is the already mentioned Fohat, the steed who “runs circular errands” and is sent forth at the beginning of the dawn of a new manvantara to “dig holes in space” and join these fiery vortices to one another.

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The second Logos of the divine trinity, Love-Wisdom, is seeking to blend with this active intelligence of the third aspect and He adds to the rotary motion of all atoms His own form of motion, spiralling periodicalmovement. By circulation along an orbit around a central focal point in an ever-ascending spiral, two results are brought about: Firstly, the gathering of atoms into forms. And secondly, by means of these forms, the gaining of needed contact and the development of consciousness through a gradual rarefying and refining of the forms as the spirit of love or the flame divine spirals ever onward towards the source from which it came.

The first Logos of the trinity expresses Divine Will through a literal driving forward through space. This forward progression is the will behind the evolutionary process that drives spirit onward until it emerges from matter with added quality and faculty from the experience it has undergone. It also increases the vibration of matter by means of its own. The function of this first Logos is to hold the spirits who are gaining consciousness in manifestation for the desired period and then to abstract and blend them again with their spiritual source.

This electromagnetic activity of the three divine aspects is to be seen operating on all the planes of the solar system. Out of the fusion of electric fire and fire by friction arises the spiralling periodic motion of solar fire, the Ray of Love-Wisdom that builds and sustains all forms within the solar system. This naturally includes the sun itself and the plasma view of the universe tackles the idea of an electric sun head on. The standard scientific view is that the sun is a self-consuming thermonuclear engine, whose light and heat are generated through nuclear fusion–the conversion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. However, plasma science regards stars as balls of plasma which, like galaxies, are formed through the electromagnetic z-pinch effect of electric currents shown in the first diagram. In space, electric currents form spiralling filaments around cells of plasma that transmit electrical power around a galaxy. At intervals, the electromagnetic forces that they generate cause them to pinch down to a very much smaller size. Plasma accumulates in the centre of the pinch. The increased current density causes it to shine, producing a star and powering it thereafter.

Again, the parallels with esoteric wisdom are striking. Helena Blavatsky wrote: “The Sun we see, gives nothing of itself, because it is a reflection; a bundle of electro-magnetic forces, one of the countless milliards of ‘Knots of Fohat’. Fohat is called the ‘Thread of primeval Light,’ the ‘Ball of thread’ of Ariadne, indeed, in this labyrinth of chaotic matter. This thread runs through the seven planes tying itself into knots. Every plane being septenary, there are thus forty-nine mystical and physical forces, [the] larger knots forming stars, suns and systems, the smaller, planets, and so on…The electro-magnetic knot of our Sun is neither tangible nor dimensional, nor even as molecular as the electricity we know. The Sun…gives out nothing of itself. It is an absurdity, therefore, to say that the solar fires are being consumed and gradually extinguished. The Sun has but one distinct function; it gives the impulse of life to all that breathes and lives under its light. The sun is the throbbing heart of the system; each throb being an impulse. But this heart is invisible: no astronomer will ever see it.” 5

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While the electromagnetic powering of the sun emanates from the inner planes, not the physical level, the intuitive insight of plasma cosmologists is on track. Galaxies and the stars and planets within them are all powered electrically from inner, esoteric sources, but they are also all related to one another on both the inner and outer levels by different grades of electrical energy or fire that flows between them. Electricity is the fundamental nature of the universe–a universe that is created and sustained by a chain of intelligent electrical lives–the great angel or deva hierarchies–and through their creativity, life is conducted between the inner and outer worlds. This occurs through the medium of ideas, an idea being an electric pattern whose shape is modified and voltage lowered systematically by groups of creative workers at various levels until it can display itself on the vibrational levels of the cosmos where mankind currently functions. On his own level and scale, spiritualised man similarly functions as an electrical conductor of life bringing new ideas to birth on the physical plane to transform and resurrect.

Through the pioneering work of plasma cosmologists mainstream science is on the threshold of acknowledging the electrical processes that build, sustain and transmute the visible universe. And this will be a positive step forward from its current view of the universe as a tomb of dead, lifeless matter that exploded into being out of nothing and is still expanding in all directions at an accelerating rate without aim or purpose. The concrete, scientific mind is now contacting the abstract realms of thought, but is in need of the guiding light of the intuition to reveal a simplified, more synthetic view of the universe as an organism with a set and stable form and constituted of living, conscious substance.

One of the tasks of the esotericist is to construct a bridge of reason between exoteric and esoteric science. As an electric view of the universe and the spiralling forces that construct it are taken into mainstream scientific thinking, the esoteric perspective may become more accessible. For esoteric science is based on the purposeful, electric drive of Divine Will contacting substance and accelerating its inherent rotary motion. The Love aspect of Divinity directs this motion into spiralling, cyclic movement on whose foundation forms of all shapes and sizes are built. From the myriads of spirallae that make up the atom to the kundalini force that rises in the awakening human being as a caduceus of electrical power, the spiralling proceeds. The elegant beauty of this divine process is to be noted exoterically in the double helix of DNA, and the long spiralling filaments of plasma in deep space. These correspondences all provide a rich field for contemplation, the very act of which will help to further precipitate the great truth that is descending from the “rain cloud of knowable things” into human consciousness at this time–that Space is an electrical entity. [-]

Reprinted from The Beacon
magazine April-June 2008 issue


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