We hope the information on this website will help schools and parents in making informed decisions about the use of wireless technologies in schools.

The Council of Europe, the German Government, Israeli Parliament, Austrian Medical Associations, Russian National Committee for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine,  The International Society of Doctors for the Environment and The Irish Doctors Environmental Association have recommended that schools use wired computer networks, not wireless.  The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety and Scientific Panel on Electromagnetic Health Risksstrongly recommend limiting the use of wireless technologies by young people.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified radiofrequency radiation as a possible human carcinogen.

If you have concerns about the compulsory use of wireless technologies in schools you could: 

Example letters to send to your school, MP and MEP are available here.

  • Pass on to Schools and their Governing Bodies a copy of
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The following videos may be useful introductions to the concerns about Wi-Fi in schools:

16:9 The Bigger Picture.

Panorama – ‘A Warning Signal’:  Video Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Video about Wi-Fi exposures in the classroom.

We fully support the use of computers in schools.  We want schools to be able to offer excellent ICT facilities for use across the curriculum.  But we would like the decisions made to take into account recent advances in independent bioelectromagnetic research.  Medical and scientific experts are calling for wired technologies to be used in schools.  There is now enough scientific evidence to justify safeguarding children in schools by making sure that network connections in schools are wired, not wireless.

Through our actions, we all play a role in shaping the type of society that we want for the future.

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If schools currently using Wi-Fi and other wireless devices wish to create a safe environment for their pupils and staff they will require funding to provide wired networking points within the school.  Parents, staff, local communities and businesses may be able to assist with this by fundraising.  As local communities we can help to protect the health of our children and support safer schools.