Australia’s Canberra CityNews on 5G deployment and health worries, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMFToday, CityNews in Canberra, Australia have published a story on 5G and health worries.

As I commented in the story, health problems are not only possible but rather probable. However, it is likely that the problems will manifest only in some of us, those who are, as individuals, more sensitive to the low-level EMF exposures. Who they are we do not know because research to find it out is being simply prevented.

Comment form ARPANSA suggested, as always -no worries whatsoever. But, how ARPANSA scientist Ken Karipidis can say so in situation when there is no research on 5G’s millimeter-waves. Research that is available is completely insufficient for any determination of existence or lack of existence, of health impact.

Excerpt from the CityNews article emphasis added DL:

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When it comes to 5G and people’s health, “CityNews” asked Dariusz if people, like Kate, should be wary of its rollout.

And, when looking at the research that shows 3G and 4G-emitted radiation might cause health effects such as brain cancer, Dariusz says people should be.

“5G will comprise parts of 3G and 4G technologies with an additional technology that uses millimeter-waves,” he says.

This, likely, might happen not in every user but only in persons who are as individuals more sensitive to this radiation.

We should be made well aware that there is no sufficient research on [the] new modality of 5G, millimeter-waves, to assure that the current safety limits indeed protect every user, no matter young or old, no matter healthy or ill.

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“We should not panic or scaremonger but we should be precautionary and, whenever possible, limit unnecessary exposures to radiation.

We should also demand that sufficient research funding would be set aside to execute necessary research on 5G-emitted radiation, especially the millimeter-waves.”


PS Some activists are expressing frustration over what effects are possible, probable or proven. “The proof” – for lay-person the so-called anecdotal evidence is often sufficient to be considered as proof of something. However, for scientist, like myself, proof has different standards. Hence, my current opinion is that effects are not only possible (as stated by IARC 2011 on cancer) but rather probable. However, the proof is still missing and more research is needed, using different approaches than those used till now.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Dariusz Leszczynski