Government Monitors RF levels: 

“The ambient level of Radio Frequency (RF) field strengths is measured randomly to ensure the compliance with the standards and also measurements are taking place in response to the public concerns and complaints from the presence of mobile base stations near their houses.”- Bahrain WHO 2013 Update. 

The 2012 WHO updates shares how the country has done several measurement campaigns over the years. “Three campaigns have been conducted during 2011, as part of the ongoing campaign to measure the ambient level of Radio Frequency (RF) field strengths regularly in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The campaigns provide the results of measurements of RF field strengths during the periods from January to September 2011 at 36 locations.” 2011 Update WHO

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Over the past four years, TRA has measured more than 4,500 sites including the newly deployed 5G enabled radio sites; none of which have exceeded the limits and radiation standards of ICNIRP. 5G radiation in Bahrain below international limits: TRA