Here, ahead of the soon upcoming publication, is the full manuscript of my review article that has been accepted for publication in the Reviews on Environmental Health. The manuscript reviews studies that examined physiological effects of mm-waves on skin and skin cells.

Because the number of studies is extremely limited, I have purposely not speculate on what, if any, health effects could be caused if the observed physiological effects if these effects would take place in human body. Such speculation could be seriously misleading because of the inadequacy of the scientific evidence to support it.


ACCEPTED Leszczynski Skin and mm-waves

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ACCEPTED Leszczynski Table 1 HUMANS volunteers in vivo

ACCEPTED Leszczynski Table 2A rats

ACCEPTED Leszczynski Table 2B mice

ACCEPTED Leszczynski Table 3 HUMAN CELLS in vitro human cells

ACCEPTED Leszczynski Table 4 ANIMAL CELLS in vitro cells of rats mice

Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Dariusz Leszczynski