A local group, Wireless Radiation and Defense (WiRED) is pushing for amendments to the cell tower and cell antenna laws to better protect the public. They have launched non violent protests against installations.

The protest have been covered in the press by Berkeleyside 

“It may have something to do with a small but dedicated group of local residents who are opposed to wireless cell technology, primarily for what they consider health reasons. These Berkeley residents closely monitor the sites where work is proposed and as soon as they see workers approaching, they send out texts and emails calling on fellow activists to show up. Then they picket the site (fully masked, these days), chant, hold vigils and try and make it difficult for workers to do their jobs. They even sit on the poles to block access.”

MORE INFO HERE  How to oppose small cell 5G towers (EMF Safety Network)

“We’ve been protecting this pole for six months,” said Elizabeth Starr, who has been protesting at the 1321 Gilman site. “We don’t want the radiation here, it’s so harmful.”

Starr, and many of the other protesters, are members of Wired, a Berkeley anti-wireless group leading the actions, which they call nonviolent civil disobedience. And so far, they seem to have an impact.”

-Berkeleyside, Construction of new 5G cell sites blocked by Berkeley protesters — for now

https://ehtrust.org/berkeley-non-violent-protests-against-wireless-antennas/ Source: Environmental Health Trust