The German and Swiss environmental and consumer organization diagnose:funk presents the newly published BEEFI study (under the motto “Silent Spring 2024”). This study Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Insects: a Systematic Review and Metaanalysis is the most comprehensive review and evaluation of the research situation on insects and electromagnetic fields (mobile phone radiation, magnetic fields from high-voltage power lines) to date.

The most important result of the BEEFI study: “Non-thermal biological effects of EMF on insects have been clearly demonstrated in the laboratory.” Negative effects include impaired orientation, reduced fertility and a weakened immune system. New field studies confirm these results.

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The peer-reviewed BEEFI study was published in the renowned journal “Reviews on Environmental Health” by de Gruyter. The authors conducted the study over the course of three years on behalf of diagnose:funk. It is a systematic review according to PRISMA criteria and a meta-analysis. For the study, 119 individual peer-reviewed scientific studies in the field of insects and electromagnetic fields were analyzed. The results of 51 studies could even be used for a meta-analysis due to the good data quality.

All about this study, translations in German and French, fact sheets and a video at and (German).

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Read also: The long road to meta-analysis by Thill, Cammaerts & Balmori at

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The BEEFI study: Thill A, Cammaerts M-C, Balmori A (2023): Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Insects: a Systematic Review and Metaanalysis, Reviews on Environmental Health; English original version:

Cited in the reference database of the Federal Government:

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