Submission to the FDA docket for the Petition Requesting that the FDA within 30 days declare an Imminent hazard

“Between my first and second year of law school I underwent a double mastectomy after discovering breast cancer exactly where I had been tucking my cellphone. I would take mountain bike rides from my house up Table Mesa in Colorado and during those bike rides I would put my cell phone in my sports bra. I would listen to music and podcasts and take 4-5 hour bike rides. When I got home, I noticed a red mark on my breast where my cellphone was.

My oncologist ordered the 250 gene panel genetic testing and it came back negative and therefore believes it is something external, environmental that caused the breast cancer. I am an attorney; I know how to read and research…and the research is very alarming. It is unequivocal that the radiation from your cellphone can be carcinogenic, particularly when it is held up to or on your skin. There is just a concerted effort to keep the knowledge from the public.

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I have been through grueling treatments. I have had a recurrence which is terribly frightening, and I live in fear that I won’t conquer this cancer. I have two small children and worry that I will not live to see them grow into adulthood. I am currently still under treatment years later and the side effects make day to day living difficult.

I hold our federal public health agencies responsible for allowing the public to believe these devices are safe, as well as the manufacturers who know of the dangers but do everything possible to keep that knowledge from the public.”

Watch a video of this mother telling her story shared by Wireless Bubble.

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