I will be interviewed for the radio program Hack on triple j, Australia’s national youth and current affairs program based at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney.

Coming: Leszczynski on 5G & health for the ‘triple j Hack’ on ABC radio, Australia, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMFThe topic will be 5G and health. Specifically, I will be asked to elaborate on:

  • Is 5G safe?
  • Am I concerned about how it affects human skin?
  • What is the evidence there are negative health impacts from radio frequencies?
  • Where do we need to see more research?

Interview will be just 15 min. long so, only brief info on 5G and health will be possible to discuss. Interview will be pre-recorded via skype.

Interview will be available on the Hack website. It will aired either this or the next week (direct link will be added)… so, check regularly…


Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Dariusz Leszczynski