BioInitiative Working Group’s members Cindy Sage, MA, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD and David O. Carpenter, MD have published a Comment Letter in the journal Bioelectromagnetics rebutting the validity of findings of SCENIHR’s Final Opinion on Potential Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

Sage C, Hardell L, Carpenter DO. Comment on SCENIHR: Opinion on Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, Bioelectromagnetics 36:480-484 (2015).

The transmittal of this publication to John Ryan, Acting Director, Public Health Directorate, Directorate General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission is posted below.   The transmittal letter to John Ryan is signed by Cindy Sage, MA, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, and David O. Carpenter on behalf of the BioInitiative Working Group, and by Dominique Belpomme, MD, MSC, European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (ECERI).

MORE INFO HERE  American Academy of Pediatrics Issues Recommendations On ScreenTime and Exposure to Cell Phones

+ BioInitiative Working Group ECERI to Ryan on SCENIHR (DOWNLOAD PDF)

+ February 24, 2016: John Ryan’s Response (DOWNLOAD PDF)

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