1. Can you supply me with the technical details of your light emitting diode (LED) Street lights and control management system (CMS).
  2. Can you supply me with the Environmental impact and health impact analysis of the deployment of the LED street lights and CMS as well as any human rights considerations that the Council have made around this technology deployment.
  3. Can you supply me with the insurance liability details that the Council have covering electromagnetic radiation emissions.
  4. Can you supply me with your SMART city agenda plans if you have one and who is responsible for implementing this plan.
  5. Can you supply me with any public consultation meetings or information supplied to the constituents about the deployment of the LED and CMS systems and future SMART city agenda and CO2 reduction plans.
  6. I am also requesting information on the Councils future transport plans to reduce CO2 emissions and their plans to coerce constituents to use electric as well as autonomous vehicles.
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