March 17 edition of “CityNews”

Letter writer MURRAY MAY, of Cook, isn’t mincing words; he wants ‘addictive’ smartphones out of ACT schools.

THE addictive nature of digital technology and smartphones is underlined twice in the March 5 edition of “CityNews”. 

Kate Meikle’s article “The digital kids who are driving their parents crazy” addresses children’s digital behaviours and the “need to unplug”. A letter “We survived today – will we tomorrow?” describes a driver’s near-miss experience as a result of another driver irresponsibly using a mobile phone.

Political columnist Michael Moore’s article in the same issue notes that while the ACT should be a showcase of educational excellence, our students are falling behind.

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One thing that would help student learning and social outcomes I believe is a ban on mobile phones and other digital devices during school hours, except those used for educational purposes.

Smartphones are highly addictive and distracting. Four states have already, or are currently implementing bans, namely NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and WA.

Such a policy improves student health and well-being, greatly reduces distraction, and improves social interaction between students.

Why does the ACT still have its head in the sand on this issue?

Murray May, Cook  ACT