March 2020: Slovenia halts 5G

5G has been halted in Slovenia while officials take more time to investigate health effects of the new technology. A letter from Minister Rudi Medved (unofficial translation below) states they will reopen the debate on potential health risks.

Slovenia government website references:

“Slovenia stops the introduction of 5G technology: We do not know if it is dangerous to humans”

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  • “The Agency for Networks and Communication Services (AKOS) of the Republic of Slovenia (regulatory body that regulates the communication sectors) has  been instructed to stop the assignment of the 5G frequency spectrum . The Slovenian moratorium is supported by the Slovenian Minister of Public Administration Rudy Medved, who in the division of the medical-scientific community on the biological effects of unexplored radio frequencies has opted for the adoption of the precautionary principle : “I am aware that we will not find a definitive answer, since there has not been one globally. 5G technology has not been established in practice to the extent that studies could produce results by which we could conclusively say that 5G is completely harmless . ” The decision came after the Ministry of Public Administration convened a public consultation on the security of 5G technologies together with Gregor Kos , president of the non-ideological political party For a healthy society and Igor Šajn of the ecological consultancy organization Biology and Construction.. The meeting, scheduled for four hours, lasted six hours. The Slovenian party website reads: “ Ban on the use of wifi  technology   in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and in the second phase of all public institutions. Moratorium on the introduction of 5G  based on  the precautionary principle,  thanks to sufficient scientific research to demonstrate the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health, nature and the environment .”

Unofficial Translation of Letter by Minister Rudi Medved

Adopting an agreement on the Radio Spectrum Management Strategy foreseen for December 5, 2019, we withdrew from the session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia at the initiative of the Ministry of Public Administration, or my initiative, as the Minister responsible for this area.

The Agency for Communications Networks and Services (AKOS) is obliged to prepare the strategy. The government gives its consent to it, but we have identified some shortcomings in the document before accepting the consent at the Ministry of Public Administration. Namely, we received a number of serious comments from the economy, and the document did not contain relevant content regarding the potential health risks of the introduction of 5G technology. That is why we have decided to carry out a new round of coordination and reopen the debate on potential health risks. In January 2020, we are planning a broad debate on which, at our initiative, we will invite all key stakeholders from different sectors, experts, representatives of the economy and interested public. Our firm intention is also to illuminate the issue of health risks from all angles in the introduction of 5G technology. By no means is the government “secretly” or secretly adopting anything of this nature. There is no legal basis for the encore, and anyway it is our intention to act transparently in the public eye.

As for the company you are mentioning, let me make it clear that the Ministry of Public Administration has nothing to do with it and I do not know if anyone and how interferes with your mail. The ministry here never authorized anyone to do anything like this. I also received the competent mail through the leader of the LMS parliamentary group, so he normally received the mail.

With respect,

Minister Rudi Medved

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Slovenia halts 5G to Investigate Health and Safety