A new report published by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety



Today, ANSES is publishing a new expert appraisal on the health effects associated with exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic fields. In view of the data available, the Agency is reiterating its 2010 conclusions on the possible association between exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic fields and the long-term risk of childhood leukaemia. It is also restating its recommendation not to build new schools close to very-high voltage power lines. At the same time, the Agency stresses the need to better manage occupational exposure for employees who could be exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields, particularly pregnant women.  

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This new ANSES expert appraisal sought to analyse all the new scientific knowledge available on exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic fields and the possible biological and health effects. To better characterise levels of population exposure, particularly in the home, ANSES also financed a number of measurement campaigns.

Read the press release and access the full report (in French) here


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