It has come to our attention that ARPANSA has made a number of statements relating to misinformation about Australia’s 5G network on their website, our assessment you can download below. One needs to question who is actually providing misinformation? First, we have a sub-standard technical report (TRS-164) where ARPANSA failed to do a proper assessment of the science and didn’t even use their own database of papers to review the range of bio-effects that ORSAA has identified. This was followed by a measurement report for NSW education on typical RF power density levels in classrooms. The measurement survey was conducted in classrooms in the absence of students or a classroom full of active computers with Wi-Fi enabled. More recently, ARPANSA has released an ecological report that showed no increase in brain cancers but had omitted the over 59 age group, which is of course the group likely to have used mobile phones the longest. In both the UK and Denmark this age group saw a large rise in brain cancers. Could ARPANSA be “cherry picking” their data in order to get a desired outcome that supports their outdated and irrelevant RF standards?

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A campaign to educate the public on 5G was further supplemented by an ABC employee, Dr Karl, who is also delivering misinformation on public radio. Industry and Government must be getting desperate if they have to rely on media personalities to deal with mounting public concern on 5G. Dr Karl rolled out the overused statement that an RF photon does not have sufficient energy to break covalent bonds or dislodge electrons from the outer shell of the atom and so therefore cannot damage DNA. This might sound like good physics but is poor biology. RF radiation, as documented in over 200 peer reviewed scientific papers, causes oxidative stress which in turn can most definitely cause DNA damage but you don’t necessarily need DNA damage to cause cancer. We all know that chronic inflammation, immune and autoimmune disease can also cause cancer, RF exposure has been linked to immune system effects…SNIP

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ORSAA on 5G misinformation