By Mister Spock

After a routine battle with an alien warship, an energy anomaly formed between us. I was sent back in time to the Earth of the 21st century. A responsible nurse took me to a medical bay at one of your modern human hospitals for repair. For the small wound I received, it took six days to heal and leave your facilities. I had received a mere scratch to my left arm. Why six days? It was not to investigate my green blood or pointy ears. Instead, my EMF-attracting blood was not prepared for your invisible-poisons around every corner and in every hospital seat. Instead of filing a letter to your local government establishments, I have decided to write this response for your benefit.

From a rational point of view, the goal of a hospital is to heal a patient in a timely manner to allow that person to be useful in society. The longer the patient is required to be in a hospital for unnecessary or possible nefarious reasons, the more stress is attained and a patient suffers longer. I am not talking about mental stress. I have great training in this area of mental power. On the other hand, humans are easily capable of producing mental stress that results in an outburst of emotional chaos. Instead, the stresses I am referring to are the real, physical stresses created by the wide-array of artificial EMFs that are now commonplace in 21st century hospital environments on Earth.

Logically, humans have adapted under natural sunlight on planet Earth. However, medical professionals have not told their superiors in the chain of command that their patients’ health can been compromised by the very geography they treat them in. The most evident problem is right above the noses of doctors and nurses. Artificial lighting flickers at a rate based on the powergrid’s Alternating Current. Your ancient lighting is a fast-moving toxin generally unnoticed because of its intersection to a human’s most basic chronobiology very-much gated by the eyes and pineal gland.

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Consuming blue to green light wavelengths after dark into the eye and upon certain skin surfaces is particularly, illogical. It shows a lack of basic biological training when it comes to the odd behaviors I witnessed in your 21st century: late-night gamers, party-goers and everyone looking into their hand-held screens pushing buttons randomly. Maybe this is why night-shift nurses appear to come down with so many ailments and cancers above the normal rates in the population?

In addition to the unnatural flicker-rate, artificial lighting pushes out strong lumens and specific wavelength peaks that are entirely foreign to humanity, not to mention omitting many wavelengths capable of balancing out other colors and wavelengths. Isn’t it interesting that your past scientific research investigating UV light as a toxin used artificial-produced UV lighting to make many of these determinations? From my observations and analysis, your Earth’s atmosphere filters sunlight at certain times of the day allowing color and most UVA wavelengths to be present always during your days. Interesting how your society lives under artificial lighting of such strange design.

Secondly, your humanity has survived quite well in your tropical regions and have not suffered much disease in comparison to the artificial uses of lights and machines. I find your observational abilities unimpressive.  It is true. No one wants to be burned or blinded, but it is also illogical to assume UVB light has no benefits or is not required for human health. Vitamin D is just the beginning of the benefits getting the minimum daily exposure.

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I would like to shift engines now and talk about the artificial electromagnetic fields I encountered. Humanity’s use of them in the 21st century is mind-melting. On my planet, we understood early in our development the potential dangers of using electromagnetic forces. Strangely, your people have embraced the ill-effects by pulsing them with the required intensity for long-term disease formation. Early on in our development on my planet, we built much of our society interwoven with nature. We also connected and melded to our natural environments for methodical and logical survival. In comparison, your people have embraced Tesla’s Alternating Current and brought it into every facet of your lives without understanding the basic biophysics in play. It is almost as if your medical professors taught you physics in a corner, then taught biochemistry in another corner, without seeing the links among them. Fascinating.

After this minor injury here on Earth, as I said before, I was hos-pitiful-ized for six days due to the artificially-generated EMFs in your environments that delayed my recovery time. Using WiFi for communications is highly irrational, as it can open up voltage-gated calcium channels and promote more excitotoxicity on the cell-level aside from direct damage to the DNA. I am not sure humanity is aware, but the myriad of radio-frequencies from your MRIs, fire alarms, baby-foot tagging frequencies, security systems, microwaves, radar systems, communication relays and mobile phones have created an invisible, inescapable flood. To make matters worse, the dirty electricity, magnetic fields and electrical fields were rampant and emitting several feet away from nearly every device. Ironically, the bed you made me use emitted a 16 milliGauss field upon my spine, even though it was turned off, but still plugged into your AC powered walls.

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In case you are not aware, it is quite illogical to use such devices around the disease-forming prokaryotic organisms that grow in these fields and suffocate out many of the good species. Your modern hospital was actually closer to a death-trap. Here are my recommendations. Natural EMFs can be used to heal humanity. It is very simple…just use the sun and touch the Earth itself. It is highly illogical to omit both on an continual basis, unless you have constructed a special alliance with your medical system to ensure they are always profitable. The most logical conclusion to design your hospitals like a greenhouse with access to the ground and away from your machinery. Just like when you perform your heart surgeries and ground your patients, do the same once they are in recovery to help them heal faster. I am looking forward to returning back through the energy anomaly that brought me here. Else, if my calculations are incorrect and I miss the anomaly, I will not prosper nor live long in this era where humanity has embraced the misuse of electromagnetism.