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By Ryan Howard


Screen time. In today’s connected world, there are more and more reasons to experience screen time. Screens are so prevalent, it’s hard to avoid them altogether. Having children only complicates the matter—do you find yourself wondering what the right amount of screen time for kids is?

Your children are likely living a very different childhood from the one you had. Balancing the good that screen time may bring, with the importance of other activities, can be hard. If you’re trying to figure it all out, here’s what you need to know about screen time—both the good and the bad…SNIP

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What Are the Disadvantages to Screen Time?

Along with the good does come some bad. This is what can happen if your child is exposed to too much screen time.

  • Eye strain and vision changes: Excessive use of screens can encourage nearsightedness, while the blue LED lights used could cause eye strain.
  • Sleep disruption: That blue light used in electronics can also work to disrupt the circadian rhythm and disrupt your child’s much-needed sleep.
  • Weak musculature and poor posture: Less physical movement can lead to poor muscle development and control. Meanwhile, hunching over screens can also encourage bad posture and result in back and neck problems.
  • Obesity: Too much screen time can lead to a lack of physical exercise. This will encourage obesity and bring along with it weight-related health problems.
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The physical ramifications for too much screen time are very real. There are also important non-physical ramifications your child may experience if they have too much screen time:…SNIP

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