Hvar Croatia has suspended the introduction of 5G technology “until an independent and impartial study proves that such technology has no negative impact on humans and the environment, the Town Council decided unanimously…”

Hvar will set up a task force to research the issue over the next 6 months. Hvar was one of the areas for which the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries had issued temporary licences to test the 5G network. News from CroatiaWeek June 6, 2020 Hvar suspends introduction of 5G technology

Worldwide cities are calling to halt 5G until safety can be assured. 500 Cities in Italy have issued halt 5G resolution joining cities in the US, Switzerland, Australia,  Greece and more.

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The Croatia Ministry of Health Recommends Reducing Cell Phone Radiation 

The Ministry of Health of Croatia maintains a dedicated web page, and communicates with concerned citizens on the issue of electromagnetic fields and cell phone radiation. EHT translated a video on cell phone radiation the Ministry issued. Note: After the Croatia video excerpt, EHT added more tips to reduce exposure.

Two downloadable brochures for the public were published in 2016: a descriptive brochure explaining the EMF protection principles, and a Q&A brochure.

The Ministry has a webpage hosting an educational video to educate families on how to reduce radiation from the cell phone.

Read about how more cities are halting 5G here. 

Hvar Croatia Halts Introduction of 5G