“COMPLICIT” — called a must-watch film for high schools, colleges, and communities to grapple with the unseen reality of 21st century “progress”— follows the struggle of Yi Yeting, a young Chinese shipyard worker struggling with occupational leukemia and trying to obtain compensation from his employer. 

Wanting to help others, Yi begins working at a nonprofit that assists workers with occupational illness and injuries. He discovers dozens of workers in his area who were poisoned while making smartphones as well as a leukemia cluster in the neighborhood surrounding Apple’s main supplier Foxconn. 

“I hope that after watching ‘COMPLICIT’ viewers will feel a sense of increased connection to the workers that make the devices we consumers can’t live without, and understand the risks associated with chemicals used during their production,” said White in announcing the film’s release.

“At Environmental Health Trust, we frequently speak about the effects of wireless technology on individual users. This film is important to learn about how the entire production process shortcuts safety in the name of a technology that no one demanded but everyone is now addicted to using,” said Dr. Devra Davis, founder and president of Environmental Health Trust

“If we are going to be reliant on this technology, it’s imperative that information and telecommunications companies support the health and welfare of its workers and end users. We have to demand better from them.”

The film live stream, presented by Environmental Health Trust on Wednesday May 5 at 7:00 p.m. MT, is an opportunity to learn more about the human rights issues and human health issues associated with cell phones. 

Interested viewers are encouraged to ask questions of Dr. Davis and Heather White following the screening.

Participants may join the screening virtually on Wednesday May 5, 7:00 p.m. MT.

https://ehtrust.org/jackson-hole-environmental-health-trust-film-series/ Source: Environmental Health Trust