Lynn Shearer says Verizon wants to build a cell phone tower steps away from his front door in Butler County. He’s a cancer survivor and worries about potential health effects. KDKA covered his story and featured Dr. Rob Brown of the Environmental Health Trust.

Watch the KDKA report here. 

“Once ordinances have been written and permits have been granted, it’s pretty tough; it’s not impossible, it has happened, but it’s much more difficult, so people really need to be proactive. Scientists are doing this research, and it is being published in reputable journals. There [are] thousands of articles.”

Dr. Brown says research exists that shows some people are sensitive to radio frequency emissions and develop symptoms like ringing in the ears, confusion, and difficulty sleeping.

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The Environmental Health Trust advises anyone who takes on a similar case to do the following.

  • Get organized
  • Get educated
  • Get a lawyer
  • Get the attention of the media
  • Get in contact with decision-makers
  • Raise awareness on social media
  • Speak out at public meetings

More at KDKA: Butler County resident fighting to keep Verizon from installing cell phone tower near property

Read the science on cell tower radiation here. Source: Environmental Health Trust