Yesterday, on May 19, 2020, Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich in Poland has published interview I have given few months ago, before the coronavirus pandemic, titled ‘Może powodować raka mózgu‘ (May cause brain cancer). The interview is in Polish (use Google Translator). Below are few samples from the interview, translated…

  • “…I believe that it is possible and even likely that microwave radiation affects human physiology and can even cause brain cancer among the few more susceptible people. To prove this, more research is needed, but there is no money or atmosphere to do so…”
  • “…We often meet with the fact that cancer researchers get [EMF] projects for evaluation and treat them with some kind of indulgence. They criticize, often not understanding what electromagnetic fields are and how they can affect the body. They forget that normal and pathological human physiology is based on the movement of electric charges in and between cells, and that external electromagnetic fields of sufficient strength can interfere with these processes…”
  • “…The consumer, by buying a cell phone that emits microwaves within the safety standards and is considered safe, and using it for at least 10 years for half an hour a day, increases its risk of developing brain cancer by 40% to 170%. This means that the currently used limits on the emission of microwave radiation by mobile phones do not ensure the safety of all users. Limits should be reduced…”
  • “…The current limits on microwave radiation provide security for all users is just an assumption. For example, there is no research on the effects of microwaves on sick people or on elderly people who have significant changes in the normal physiology of organ function. Similarly, there is no research on the effects of microwaves on the physiology of very young, developing children’s organisms…”
  • “…Currently, in 2020 we are introducing a new generation of wireless communication – 5G – and just like in the 1980s, also without prior research on the impact on health…”
  • “…In general, I think that only some of us, mobile phone users, will have health problems with brain cancer or other diseases...”
  • “…in some people, genes and their mutations most likely cause more sensitivity to microwave radiation emitted by cell phones. We should study more closely how radiation affects physiology. It is not enough to ask how you feel when exposed to microwaves. It is important to investigate what proteins and genes react to changes in microwave irradiation. Analysis of protein and gene responses to microwave radiation is the only way to show who is more sensitive and who potentially gets sick.…”
  • “…Not everything has to be wireless. We need a calm and reasonable discussion instead of the usual focus on speed, data capacity and profit…”
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