Yesterday, I have published a very brief blog post about my opinions presented in twitter-discussion on EHS with Martin Röösli and Frank de Vocht. Today, Martin Röösli has submitted comment that I consider as very significant input into the EHS-debate. Thus, I decided to publish Martin Röösli’s comment as a stand-alone guest blog, making sure readers will not miss it.

I need to state that I agree with many of Martin’s opinions. Studying EHS, in reliable way, is certainly difficult scientifically and costly. However, it feels very refreshing that scientist who is a member of the Main Commission of ICNIRP has this very open view on EHS and is willing to support the idea that further research on EHS is scientifically justified and should be performed not only using psychology provocation tests but also using tests examining molecular level EHS physiology.

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Brief Comment on EHS by Martin Röösli

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