Oral arguments in the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters smart meter case will be heard this Thursday at Maine’s highest court, meeting in Bangor. The case challenges PUC approval of Central Maine Power’s switch from an electromechanical or analog opt out meter to a digital solid state smart meter without communication module but still creating power quality or dirty electricity issues because of the switch mode power supply necessary for the direct current [DC] device to run on the alternating current [AC] grid and to step down the voltage accordingly. Our original brief is attached in appealing the PUC decision.

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The audio will be streamed live on the Judicial Branch’s website.

Audio will also be posted the Judicial site within a few days of the argument.

The argument is on the court’s schedule for 11:30 am.

People are also welcomed to attend in person.

Click to Download Brief of Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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