5G is high-frequency high-density wireless radiation in front of our homes emitting 90 billion waves per second to our body and cause all kind of health effects. The 5G waves are shorter that is the reason why they can penetrate our skin and affect our inner organs.

The 5G Frequency band ranges from 24 to 90 GHz.
The government is still lying to us how 5G is perfectly safe. Why is at the same time military using the same frequency for crowd control as a biological weapon. The biological weapon is called Active Denial System.

The army claims that active denial system has a range of nonlethal capability. It is being used for protesters, groups of unruly people or riotous crowd. It only penetrates 1,64 inch of your skin and affects your nerve receptors. Military claims there is no permanent damage caused by it. Most people described it as a hot oven or grill being opened up.

It is designed to incapacitate enemy combatants with an unnerving nonlethal sensation of intense heat.

Military claims that active denial system has three features. It is safe, highly effective and has a tremendous range.

Active Denial System uses almost same frequency as 5g, that is coming soon to our homes.

The military truck that is equipped with active denial system emits 100 kW of the radio frequency beam. It is operated by a joystick and an operator. The beam of wireless radiation is highly targeted and focused. When the operator detects the troublemaker he just blasts him with a high-frequency microwave radiation. The microwave radiation travels from the source to the individual at the speed of light. It can travel very far. In this video, the range was 3 football fields.

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Microwave Ovens And Active Denial System Biological Weapon
Active denial system radiation is similar to microwave oven radiation. They both work on the same principle. The water molecules that are being targeted become excited and heat up.

The military claims that active denial system is different from microwave ovens because it only focuses on a specific frequency and only affects the top layer of our skin by using the frequency of 95 GHz.

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Remember 5G frequency ranges from 24 to 90 GHz. So basically the government is building the active denial system antennas around our homes which is tremendously stupid and dangerous. On one side the military is using it to disperse the troublemakers, and on the other side will use almost the same frequency for the wireless network.

Military claims 95 GHz frequency reaches only 1/64 of an inch into the human body and that is the outermost layer of the skin. It is equivalent to three sheets of notebook paper. It affects the pain nerves in the outermost layer of our skin heating them up and causing immediate repeal effect. But who believes government/military these days? They lie to us all the time.


People who experienced active denial system claim, that it’s like somebody opened a very hot oven door. This causes people to freak out and try to get out of the way of the microwave beam.

Active denial system was used in the Afghanistan war of 2010. The government plans to use this weapon on prisoners to break prisoners fights. The burns from active denial system are similar to microwave burns but only on the skin surface due to shorter waves of active denial system.

Even insurance companies do not cover the houses and people living in them from wireless radiation, same goes for asbestos. That means that the wireless radiation health effects is something you cannot get insurance for. It is treated the same as asbestos from insurance companies. Something you can’t get insurance from. VERY INTERESTING:…

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