Click here for a simpler letter to send to your County officials (in San Diego County, the Board of Supervisors). Find your elected County official and send it to him/her by mail or email. You may copy and paste into a new Word document, and please add their address and name at the top of the letter, as well as your signature and printed name, with your full address, at the bottom of the letter. You may also wish to add your email address to your contact info.

If you are not in San Diego County, this letter will work to send to County officials anywhere. If you wish to use it for a City government (recommended) change the word County to City and personalize your letter as you see fit. Cities and Counties will be making decisions on 5G in the coming month(s). You can change a bit of the wording and send it to your elected state and Congressional officials as well! Give them your feedback without delay! Please share widely on social media, email, and to all family, friends, neighbors, physicians, and contacts.

MORE INFO HERE  New Paper on Wildlife, Wireless Radiation and Radio Telemetry and Radiotracking

Note: See our more detailed samples of a  “stop 5G letter” which may also be used, at the links below. Personalize and change wording to suit whomever you are writing!

San Diego County BOS Letter to Stop 5G

Generic Location Letter to Stop 5G