Happy 2023  greetings!  

Recently I, (Sandi Maurer, founding director of EMF Safety Network), was elected to the Sebastopol City Council! This is a huge honor and I’m grateful to the voters and my awesome campaign team. This is a four year term.

One of my campaign promises is to reduce EMF pollution. Because council work can be very time consuming and to eliminate any appearance of conflict of interest, we have decided to pass on the EMF Safety Network to a new director- Sidnee Cox!

Sidnee is upbeat and passionate about EMF Safety. Sidnee is tech savvy and will be able to manage multiple media platforms and she’ll be great at keeping you all informed! I am very grateful to Sidnee for her interest in carrying the EMF Safety Network forward in these challenging times.

I’m grateful for your interest, support and help over the past dozen plus years! We’ve built this Network together and with your continued support it can serve the public good for many years to come. Among the many things we’ve achieved:

  • Since 2009, driving and building EMF activism to better protect people and nature by:  Keeping thousands of people informed and helping them take action on important EMF issues;  Founding the EMF Safety Coalition discussion list where international EMF activist leaders can learn and exchange information;  Creating and distributing educational flyers and hand outs; and Maintaining a website with credible information, investigative research, public surveys and resources.
  • Helped obtain a smart meter opt-out for all investor owned gas and electric utility customers in California: Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas, and San Diego Gas and Electric, benefiting millions of utility customers.
  • Worked with a coalition of organizations to defeat SB649, a CA telecommunication bill that would’ve put small cell antennas throughout every city in California.
  • Pressed Federal level accountability with letters to the FCC and to US Representatives and Senators and supported people with tools and templates for how to oppose 5G.
  • Created policy changes in Sebastopol CA including: General Plan goals to reduce EMFs, updated Telecommunications Ordinance, obtained lower kelvin LED streetlights, and a free smart water meter opt-out.
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Here’s an introductory note from your new EMF Safety Network director Sidnee Cox! 

Hello EMF Safety Network Friends,

First of all, a huge thank you to Sandi Maurer for starting EMF Safety Network in 2009 and developing its outreach over the past 13 years! She was a trailblazer and still is, having recently been elected to Sebastopol City Council! From her new position, Sandi will be taking on many of the issues that Sebastopol faces, but she will also continue her advocacy for environmental safety, and that includes reducing EMF pollution.

I am excited and honored to be stepping into this position. I will continue the EMF Safety Network’s mission, which is “to educate and empower people by providing science and solutions to reduce EMFs, achieve public policy change, and obtain environmental justice.”

A bit about myself… Like most of us in the EMF aware community, I came upon this issue from personal experience. In 2010, I borrowed a gaussmeter from a friend as I was curious about what sort of invisible toxins were in my home environment. The magnetic fields coming from the circuit breaker on the opposite wall from where my son slept were crazy high! That was my first awakening. I immediately rearranged his sleeping space, and wondered what other sorts of invisible energies were affecting our living space.

A few years later, I purchased my first radio-frequency radiation meter (RFR). I began taking meter readings and warning friends about RFR in their homes! That’s also when I first realized that many people don’t really want to know! In 2014, a good friend developed a glioblastoma, a brain tumor. The RFR levels in her home were the highest of anyplace I had measured! She passed away six months later.

For a number of years, I had been working and volunteering in elementary schools. During that time, I had noticed an increasing use of wireless devices in the classroom. In 2019, I became quite alarmed when I was volunteering in a second grade classroom that had recently installed new routers. I could feel the “tingling” in my skin, and a strange sort of tension in the head whenever I was near the router, which was right above the children’s desks. I also overheard many of the veteran teachers wondering what was happening to the kids… “bouncing off the walls” was a typical comment. I created an aluminum coated “blocker box” for the router in our classroom (with the teacher’s permission), and immediately felt the difference. The kids could still get signal when they used their tablets, which made me realize that the signals coming off the routers were way too high under any circumstance.

In December 2019, I attended my first Santa Rosa City Council meeting and gave comments about my observed effects of the high RFR levels coming from the routers in the classroom. At that council meeting there were over 40 other EMF aware attendees, many making their own comments. In 2020, I attended my first meeting with an amazing group of activists from Safe Tech for Santa Rosa. Within a year, Safe Tech for Santa Rosa was instrumental in helping the City develop a comprehensive telecom Small Cell ordinance. While we didn’t get everything we wanted with this ordinance, it was a big step in the right direction.

In January 2021, I attended the virtual EMF Safety Medical Conference and learned even more. I also developed a good friendship with Mary Dahl, an RFR injured woman who has a small cell antenna only 42 feet from her home, and learned everything I could about building Faraday cages thanks to Satya Giordano who has worked with (now retired) Michael Neuert (https://emfcenter.com). I also learned a lot from conversations with Eric Windheim, a Sacramento based building biologist. My husband and I built Mary a large shielded 8′ x 9′ Faraday “sleep unit” which was quite the undertaking! Mary now has protected space to sleep. I’m indebted to Mary for her consistent encouragement and indomitable spirit.

I’m passionate about continuing the outreach for EMF safety. It is now more important than ever! Because of the FCC’s declarative rulings, telecom companies have become bolder, and even more wireless infrastructure is polluting our fragile environment. There is always so much to learn in this complex subject of EMF, and I intend to keep learning and networking with other safe tech groups.

My goal is to carry on the work of the EMF Safety Network, expand our outreach, and become the best resource we can be for the larger EMF Safety Community.

I look forward to working together in the years ahead. Your ongoing support and interest is most welcome! Feel free to contact me, I welcome your questions, ideas and concerns.

Sidnee Cox
PO Box 342
Windsor, CA 95492
[email protected]

Thanks again for all your participation and networking over the years! Be sure to sign up to stay informed (left side column) at www.emfsafetynetwork.org and please donate to get the year off to a great start.

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In appreciation, with joy, and in hopes for a great year for us all,

Warm regards,  Sandi Maurer