published in Aviation Week by John Herron.


“Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a pesky problem.

The strategy of telecom giants, their lobbyists and to an extent the FCC are captured by the %lm “Don’t Look Up.” The telecom industry has adopted the strategy of the tobacco industry before it—to inject disingenuous public distractions, offer partial or misleading statements and make light of the serious concerns of others.

The gaslighting prize goes to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. In a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Jan. 1, 2022, posted on social media, Carr tries to distract public attention away from the most important aspect this spectrum issue, “the safety and operational integrity of the U.S. aviation system,” as made clear by Air Line Pilots Association President Captain Joe DePete.”

MORE INFO HERE  Review of Published Literature between 2008 and 2018 of Relevance to Radiofrequency Radiation and Cancer, U.S. FDA, released February 10, 2020.

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