Since January 13, 2021, you will no longer find any reference to the Phonegate industrial and health scandal in the French Wikipedia encyclopedia. The “Phonegate” page created in October 2018 and renamed “Marketing of non-compliant cell phones” has been removed. Hundreds of hours of work have now been wiped out with one click!

This decision shows just how much of a problem the presence of this information poses for cell phone manufacturers and, beyond that, for public authorities. Since the publication of the page, some Wikipedia contributors have done everything possible to minimize the impact of this global scandal. They have come to an end.

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This is all the more worrying, given that cell phone manufacturers own as shareholders a large majority of major media in France and internationally. And that this scandal is still partially or totally censored there. The TF1 group (Bouygues Télécom), for example, has never once referred to the scandal since its launch in July 2016. As for the newspaper Le Monde (Xaviel Niel-Free mobile), the subject has become taboo since the article by journalist Pierre Le Hir in December 2016. And the list goes on and on…

This clearly raises the question of the possibility today and tomorrow even more, to publicly report the serious regulatory failures and deception of cell phone manufacturers and their health consequences.

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For Dr. Marc Arazi, president of Phonegate Alert:

This is a serious attack on the recognition of this international health and industrial scandal. We call for the help of the Wikipedia community to restore this information as quickly as possible, while respecting the publication rules of the free encyclopedia. The maintenance of reliable and independent information is at stake.