HAVANA—Heated charges have flown back and forth for months between the two countries that bracket the Strait of Florida. U.S. State Department officials contended Cuba staged a sonic attack on employees of the American embassy, causing a variety of neurological symptoms. Cuba has not only denied such an attack ever took place but has also emphasized the physical impossibility of a sound wave causing neurological damage trained on such a distant target.

But physicians and scientists from both countries now appear to be in agreement on one critical point: Both sides acknowledge they are baffled as to what happened to 24 embassy employees who were diagnosed with mild traumatic brain damage between November 2016 and August 2017.

The latest development is a preliminary publication in JAMA The Journal of the American Medical Association on Thursday, authored by the team of doctors at the University of Pennsylvania who examined 21 of the U.S. government employees. The study, commissioned by the federal government, found the patients had suffered from concussionlike symptoms—but without any blunt trauma to the head. The medical issues varied widely among the patients, and included cognitive difficulties and problems with balance, eye tracking, sleep disturbances and headache.

Adding yet another element to the mystery, the new findings show normal MRI brain scans in all patients, and normal hearing in all but three individuals. The authors of the JAMA study also discount the likelihood of sonic injury, infection or toxic agents—and they even downplay the frequent suggestion of mass hysteria. Many of the findings in the new report echo a previous investigation carried out by Cuban officials.

The new report’s inconclusiveness does little to break the impasse. The State Department has issued multiple warnings in recent months that U.S. citizens should not travel to Cuba, because numerous embassy employees here had been targeted in attacks. The culprit was thought to be some form of unidentified sonic weapon trained on embassy employees, primarily in their residences near the post, including at the Capri Hotel.

MORE INFO HERE  “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Occupational Exposure to ELF Magnetic Fields and Electric Shocks: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” Reviews on Environmental Health, posted September 18, 2020.

The precise mechanism of the alleged attacks remains unclear. Between November 2016 and August 2017, some embassy staff complained of hearing strange sounds that targeted specific individuals—one person would hear them and another in the same room wouldn’t. By August 2017, physicians at the University of Miami and Penn had diagnosed 24 of 80 embassy employees with mild traumatic brain injury, likely caused by “trauma due to a non-natural source.” This report led to an angry response from U.S. lawmakers, including Sen. Bob Menendez (D–N.J.), who described the incidents as “brazen and vicious attacks” on diplomats…SNIP

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And  a commentary from Charles Charles Claessens:

For 20 years working as a building biologist, I am used to exposure of different sorts of elektrosmog, without any trouble at all.
But before July 2017 we could walk 1.5km to our shopping centre without any problems. But since July 2017, we were exhausted already at 200meters with heavy heart and lung complaints. Also higher blood pressure. My wife was electrosensitive for only 5% of the time, now had hard trouble in the front of our apartment.
Of course I do know most existing elektrosmog sources and its radiation values, but new measurements did not show anything new. When I looked at the “Antenneregister”, I found that since July 2017 there were three new antennas in the neighbourhood. Normally the frequencies of different transmitters do differ from each other in frequency, and are wide from each other, f.i. GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS2150MHz. However, now I found that T-Mobile had started to use on one mast LTE900 (950MHz), NB-IoT (954,703MHz) and UMTS900 (957,4MHz).
With my spectrum analyser I checked and measured, but the radiation of the three transmitters was between 1 and 14µW/m², and we are used to much higher readings, so that could not be the reason.

MORE INFO HERE  California PUC directs utilities to expand Energy Atlas — disaggregated energy data “to reveal previously undetectable patterns” online

I measured my blood pressure at the back of our appartment: 130. With the blood pressure monitor still on my wrist, I went out our front door and measured again: 181. Then I went inside again, and it lowered to 153. I have done that several times occasionally, and always the same result. So when I was inside the beam directly, we had health problems.
Typically, neighbours in our apartment building do not fall without any reason, and others got suddenly a brain hemorrhage, went to hospital and died there. Falling or tripping without a normal reason is a known phenomenon when a person is in a high frequency *hotspot*. A bridge in Paris is famous for that.

On the internet here, now many complain about humming sounds. A number do hear them, while others do not. Sound measurements did not bring anything.
It is known that since UMTS2150 was launched, many complain about *hearing* sounds.
See: http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Rapporten/Bioeffects_of_Selected_Non-Lethal_Weapons.pdf
and: http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Rapporten/Microwave%20auditory%20effect-Wikipedia.pdf
*Microwave hearing is a phenomenon, described by human observers, as, the sensations of buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking sounds that originate within or immediately behind the head. There is no sound propagating through the air like normal sound.*

MORE INFO HERE  “Homeowners Complain About ‘Ugly’ 5G Boxes in Their Yards”   National Association of REALTORS

That is not astounding regarding the interferences.
Edward S. Boyden, co-director M.I.T. Center for Neurobiological Engineering has published in *Cell* his tests with mice. On the brain he placed two high frequency beams of a little different frequencies, with the result at their intersection a very lowfrequent frequency.

In Germany a publication about 5G states that *interferences here are common*.

So I asked Reiner Gebbensleben, a specialist in *longitudinal waves*, or *Tesla waves* or *Hyperschall* as he calls it.
See: http://www.milieuziektes.nl/Pagina600.html
Previously, Gebbensleben had told me that since July 2017 a new *bad* transmitter was put into service, and showed its direction. This was exactly the triad, I found on the Antenneregister.
Normally we have Hyperschall from elektrosmog. 120dB is healthy.
It was 3000dB Hyperschall, plus 1800dB Magnetic Longitudinal Waves (MLW) which is new.
We followed his special shielding measures on the front of our appartment, and now we do not have anymore problems inside our appartment.
For outside I have developed something myself.
My wife can walk 2km now without any problem.

May be, that in Havana the problems are related to interferencies, which do not show up in measurements.