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“Dominion ‘upgraded’ my new house to a ‘smart’ meter without my knowledge or consent. I have Lyme disease and cannot function with a smart meter on my home, but Dominion wouldn’t remove it so I had it replaced with an analog by a trained professional. I had just gotten home and was recovering from minor cancer surgery when Dominion showed up to cut off my power. I called the police to help me and instead of checking on my welfare, they stood laughing with the Dominion technicians while I cried and was forced to choose between a smart meter and no power.”

– Aeron Mack, Fauquier County resident

Almost half a dozen families in Virginia — many with children and elderly family members — had their power cut off in November. Three of those households are still without power. Despite freezing temperatures and with little to no warning, Dominion Energy Virginia (Dominion) showed up at their homes — at times accompanied by police — and shut off their power, because they refused to accept smart meter installations on their properties against their will. Virginia needs you to take action now!

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According to a November press release, “Many of these individuals had a smart meter installed without notice or informed consent. Most appealed to Dominion Energy to have it removed and their analog meter put back. When denied by Dominion, they contracted privately to swap out the AMI ‘smart’ meter back to an analog.”

Then their homes went dark.

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) approved the statewide deployment of smart meters in January of this year as part of the SCC Grid Transformation Plan, even though this plan had previously been denied for statewide installations. Since then, Dominion Energy has been installing smart meters without the knowledge or consent of some customers.

The alternative offered by Dominion — what they claim is a non-communicating meter — poses many of the same concerns as their smart meter option, and is therefore not a viable alternative.

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Smart meters are wireless devices that use radiofrequency (RF) radiation to transmit consumption information, such as water, gas and electricity usage to utility companies. RF radiation exposure is linked to many adverse health effects such as tinnitus, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and disorientation, nausea, vomiting and more. Smart meters can transmit up to 190,000 signals per day — more frequently than cell phones, thereby increasing the potential for adverse health effects.

Children, due to their developing physiologies, are especially vulnerable to RF radiation exposure and absorb more radiation than adults. Health effects in children include neurological, behavioral and cognitive issues. In addition to myriad adverse health effects, smart meters are not equipped with surge/lightning arrestors or circuit breaker protection and are a fire hazard.

Consumers should always have a choice when it comes to smart meters.

Take action by sending messages to Governor Youngkin and the Virginia state legislators.

  1. Demand power be restored to the homes of the families who are in the dark.
  2. Explain the host of health issues that can result from RF exposure, including Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS), a federally recognized disability.
  3. Insist on legislation that protects consumer choice and consent.

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