NOTE: The Nation article also mentions a “massive radiation increase behind the 5G rollout”.  Here is the concluding paragraph. This article is a must read!

No scientist can say with certainty how many wireless-technology users are likely to contract cancer, but that is precisely the point: We simply don’t know. Nevertheless, we are proceeding as if we do know the risk, and that the risk is vanishingly small. Meanwhile, more and more people around the world, including countless children and adolescents, are getting addicted to cell phones every day, and the shift to radiation-heavy 5G technology is regarded as a fait accompli. Which is just how Big Wireless likes it.


MORE INFO HERE  Environmental Health Trust Receives Slowphone Award 2021 For Achievements


From Dariusz Leszczynski

Interesting investigative story published today as a front-page in The Nation.

Names, names, names… Carlo, Wheeler, Slesin, Lai, Rowley, Moskowitz, Sasco, Repacholi, Leszczynski, Kuster, Hardell, Swicord, Elder, Chou, Melnick, Butcher...

Read the article here

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