Anti-5G campaigners brought their fight to Kingsbridge Town Council in an appeal to see the new technology halted among fears of lack of research into potential health risks.

At the Kingsbridge Town Council meeting on Tuesday, representatives John Kitson and Andrea Glashier put forward their argument to town councillors asking them to stand together with councils from Totnes, Glastonbury, and Frome in Somerset and grant a moratorium on 5G infrastructure.

After lengthy debate, councillors agreed to honour a moratorium as a show of solidarity with other councils, while accepting that the move carried no legal weight and would not prevent development of 5G infrastructure.

Mobile phone infrastructure does not usually require a planning application as it falls into a category of permitted development and so it is out of the hands of the local planning authority.

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Cllr Julian Brazil said “Standing with other councils and signing the counsultatio petition could allow the decision of mast placement to follow local planning regulations, giving town councils the ability to liase with the local planning authority on placement throughout the towns and the AONB.”

John Kitson owner of and advocate of 5Gawareness said “I’m very pleased that the town council has declared a moratorium on the introduction of the new technology in the town. I was glad that coucillors were asking questions about 5G and to understand it properly is extremely important to become aware of its rollout. 5G stands for fifth generation – more 3G, more 4G as well as a whole range of extra frequencies going up to 90Ghz. It means driverless electric cars and many more smart devices, as well as antennas on LED street lights, emitting dangerous microwave radiation outside people’s homes. It’s a whole new infrastructure that will bathe us in dangerous levels of microwave radiation.”

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Andrea Glashier, the Kingsbridge representative for 5G awareness said “The World Health Organisation has categorised all radio frequencies as a group 2B possible human carcinogenic, with the possibility of upgrading to a class 1.”

The mobile communication technology is designed to offer mobile phone users much faster download and upload speeds.

The UK goverment states in a document that “The Government recognises that widespread coverageof mobile connectivity is essential for people and business.

“People expect to be connected where they live, work, visit and travel. That is why the Government is committed to extendind mobile geographical coverage further across the UK, with continuous mobile connectivity provided to all major roads and to be a world leader in 5G.”

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The Government consultation on permitted development can be found here:

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