The Mental State of the World in 2023 A Perspective on Internet-Enabled Populations A Publication of the Global Mind Project

March 4, 2024

UK is the second most unhappiest country in the world according to data from over 500,000 respondents of 71 countries published in the Mental State of the World Report 2023.
Important points taken from the report:
‘Younger generations, particularly those under age 35, saw the steepest declines in mental wellbeing.
Mind Project identified key factors that explain these patterns, such as getting a smartphone at a young age, frequently eating ultra-processed food and a fraying of friendships and family relationships, that are typically more prevalent in Internet-enabled populations of wealthier countries. ‘
Here is the top 10 most unhappy countries from the Mental State of the World report:
1. Uzbekistan
3. South Africa
5. Tajikistan
6. Australia
8. Ireland
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