Annie Logical attempts to undo all his dedication to the cause of fighting 5G. In the process, she hammers Smombie Gate’s FOI template to be somehow ‘benign’.

Mark has his drawbacks, he’s rubbish at anything to do with documenting things online. Smombie Gate offers to help Mark with his shortcomings and that’s all we do, but out of this, comes respect.

You should see Mark’s Legal stack! Mark worked in the industry just like Smombie Gate did and he is quite clear in explaining his work history in understanding the technology he is campaigning against. 

Annie with all her words and Google research is stabbing in the dark for answers because for some reason Mark doesn’t want to speak to her. Instead of accepting they may be chalk and cheese, she’s attempting to garner some of Mark’s limelight in creating this hit piece below and to discredit him. Yes I will also agree that Mark comes out with some strong statements and maybe not everyone has the stomach for it, but he’s doing a job in the UK that no bugger else wants to do. He’s risking his family’s safety and his freedom over something that he knows through his experience to be a WEAPON. This is undeniable FACT. Look at this compelling and factual research article from the Godfather of 5G, Arthur Firstenberg:


So when Annie Logical publishes blatant misinformation about Mark Steele his discovery of a dielectric lens that changes the focus of an RF beam is 1000000% a technology that’s been adopted within the 5G fold of technologies.

The real fight of 5G is the sub-GHz 868 and 700MHz.

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See my understanding here:

“In Mark Steele’s 5G Court and Legal case with Gateshead Council, he’s stated that Gateshead Council installed 1000s of LED streetlights linked to a Control Management System (CMS) through arrays that are 5G enabled. The arrays on top of the lamps are utilising 868Mhz and these arrays according to Mark include a dielectric lens that changes the shape of any radio frequency – this is a deployable 5G technology. Gateshead Council are basing their entire case that Mark’s claim is not true. My belief is that they’re not understanding what 5G means, and assuming because they’re not Massive MIMO or using mmWaves that it’s not 5G. Gateshead Council are certainly not experts in 5G technology, and it’s obvious they’re not comfortable with the fact that Mark Steele has been deemed an expert by the Judge in the last trial, which they’re trying to undo by defamation of character and proving that Mark is being threatening towards Council Officers by calling them ‘liars’ and ‘baby killers’.”

The great misunderstanding of 5G and how this has benefited business until now

Now she also discredits our immensely successful FOI template that Smombie Gate authored with Mark’s assistance has been an insane success. Yes, we changed one question as people were coming back saying the Council couldn’t answer a question, this is called an interative process in campaigning, and without getting stuff out there when the time is right, you miss the boat. Movements are not perfect nor are Humans. But several things came out from the FOIs:

Councils are lying to us about their plans for 5G. Some Councils say they don’t have a 5G strategy and then talk about one on their websites.

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We found out that there are no health and safety guidelines or assessments for the installation and rollout of 5G and LED streetlights. When Councils can be bothered, they cite an insanely vague response they follow ICNIRP, which is of course an organisation that states that their information cannot be taken as verbatim.

We found out that the only regulation LED streetlights are being rolled out with is a manufacturers BS standard and all LED streetlights are RG2 (Risk Group 2) – Confirmed that without proper assessments for health and safety, these lights individually or as a group through digital control can be misused and literally manifest disease and physical harm to the Human body and environment. Oh one more thing that the BS Standard is ONLY based on 8 hours of exposure!!! This is devastating and the Councils and Governments are too big and the rollout is too far into its flow to be stopped. Imagine when Councils and Governments are going to be heard to account as to why out of nowhere the LED streetlights are going to have to be limited to 8 hours a day and be turned down when they are on? What on earth will happen when people hold the individuals to account for deploying a bioweapon in every single populated area in the UK? In the wrong hands, i.e. Hackers or China, maybe even factions of Government will be able to use software to control these lights to devastate the Human body and make it impossible to leave their homes. Who has control of the LED infrastructure rollout in parts of the UK? Companies like Jacobs, the company who in their spare time developed 5G arrays as target acquiring systems for all USA and UK military hardware including the F35 Stealth Fighter.

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More information on this in this article:

If LED Street Lights are on More Than 8 Hours a Day, your Council is in TROUBLE!

For Annie not to have done her homework on 5G and to scorn and attempt to discredit the work SUN and Smombie Gate is doing is obvious in its intent and she will rot in the halls of the Internet i.e. this post and everyone who shares it forever in digital history.

After interviewing Mark and getting his lowdown on what Annie Logical says, he sums her up quite nicely:

Annie Logical is a 5G denier. She used to have a huge following and she’s lost all her audience because she’s tried to control my fight by putting it under her banner.

Her hit piece in all its glory, just click on the link for the PDF…