Our associations have taken note of the report published on March 10, in all discretion, on the site of the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES). Unsurprisingly, this confirms the merits of the joint decision of 8 March last by 6 associations, supported by 8 others, to suspend their participation in the agency’s Radiofrequency and Health Dialogue Committee1. ANSES sees its credibility questioned by its own scientific council, which worries about the “gap between science and expertise”.

ANSES is therefore now being criticized INTERNALLY for a “lack of transparency” and independence

Due to the numerous controversies that followed the opinions issued by ANSES on various subjects, in particular concerning exposure to electromagnetic waves, its Scientific Council deemed it necessary to appoint a working group entitled “Credibility of scientific expertise”, source of this report. Regarding the recommendations issued by the agency, it thus reports a potential “gap between scientific knowledge and the results of the expertise” and repeatedly questions the independence of the experts chosen, as we have noted and denounced on several occasions.

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Three emblematic files were thus chosen as a framework for study: those concerning glyphosate, neonicotinoids and SDHI pesticides. The report underlines, for each of them, “the repeated criticisms of the opinions given and the intensity of the controversies and polemics aroused by the opinions of experts […] which have damaged the reputation of the agency”. Before mentioning in turn “the lack of transparency [of] decisions”, “the weight of economic interests”, as well as “the gap between scientific knowledge […] and the regulatory framework for evaluation”.

Glyphosate, pesticides, radiofrequency waves: same controversies, same consequences!

If the case of exposure to waves from mobile phones has not been directly documented in the report, we draw everyone’s attention to the fact that all the elements raised by it also fully apply to this major issue concerning public health.

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The example of the Mobi-kids study is eloquent in this regard: this study, supposed to analyze the impact of mobile telephony on the risk of brain tumors in young people, has been infiltrated by manufacturers. And this, without any reaction from ANSES.

This report is not a surprise: we have been questioning the lack of diversity and independence of the experts called upon by ANSES for several years now. Contrary to the agency’s discourse, the risk assessment concerning public health issues related to exposure to electromagnetic waves is not subject to the required independence. ANSES is now singled out by its own scientific council for its lack of transparency and neutrality, which reinforces our common position. We are now hoping for substantial and urgent developments.

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We, the signatory associations, will not allow either ANSES or the WHO to distort the research concerning the carcinogenicity of waves.

Press release, march 17th 2023