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Inside Motorola’s 5G phone’s manual we’ve found some facts that we’ve been challenging the establishment over for a long time. The 5G phone has integrated proximity sensors that shut off any of its four millimetre wave 5G antennas if your fingers get too close.

“As mentioned in the device description, capacitive and proximity sensors are used to disable transmission from a given mm-wave antenna array module when a user may be located in close proximity to the module and in a direction in which the module may transmit. The control mechanism is a simple one in which, if proximity detectors indicate the potential presence of the user within a roughly conical region in front of the module where power density may approach the MPE limit, that module is disabled from use by the modem. This terminates and prevents transmission from the module in question until the condition is cleared.”

Motorola pretty much state fact that 5G is harmful to Humans, then go on to say that, ‘the phone will also automatically pick an antenna with better signal strength if your fingers are blocking others.’

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This diagram here illustrates quite clearly that you have to be 13, YES, THIRTEEN TIMES further away from a 5G mmWave than the 4G signal:

This manual: T56XL1 Mobile 5G MOD RF Exposure Info PD Simulation report_0213 Motorola Mobility LLC proves to us that 5G cannot be used with peoples phones, as how the hell will anyone get anything done if they cannot touch the phones? Bit of a User Experience nightmare having to put your phone down at least 70mm away whilst it uses 5G right? This manual opens up our conclusions are that 5G beams are dangerous to Humans and inside Cities where they want to deploy mmWaves will become toxic hellholes where only Elon Musk’s fake Green Tesla’s will be able to operate within. Funny that…

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UPDATE Motorola have come back with these responses on Twitter, feel free to ask them questions:


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