Smombie Gate and Mark Steele of Save Us Now within the space of 24 hours has been attacked by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We must be hitting a nerve somewhere? Who? Can you guess? We have no idea, but whoever it is doesn’t want our campaign to STOP 5G to work. We have a chance in the UK and EU, we have Rights over here that the USA doesn’t have. Keep fighting, spread our articles across Facebook and Twitter.

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”


We have heard rumours that tens of thousands of FOIs have been sent from you the people to Government, Councils and organisations wishing to know more about what’s going on with 5G and LED streetlights in your area.

We know EXACTLY what these LED streetlights are capable of – They can be used as a weapon and its proven that over exposure will make you sick and diseased. The RF nodes on top that are 5G ready can 3D map the insides of peoples homes, track any RFID chip e.g. your bank card, and even listen into conversations and hijack your phone’s signal. When 5G is enabled the focused beam can be used to target not just your phone but any part of your body. We now know that FCC is allowing the new 5G masts to utilise 900,000 watts of power, 30,000 watts is enough to cook an egg. Links to articles on this are at the bottom of this article.

Answer this question: Why on earth does Mark Steele and Smombie Gate present any risk to the public? We’re benign entities just helping connect the people up with our opinions of what’s happening around us. WHY SHOULD THIS INFO BE CENSORED?

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