Yes I am still anonymous. During September I was almost broke from spending over a year on helping to build the 5G movement than providing for my family – Imagine spending less time with your little one because you have to get something on Smombie Gate online and you aren’t getting paid for it? Hard work and tough choices. Then Google destroy the website traffic by 75%, which hampered my plans to make a business from 5G protective products. Then I watch the 5G movement being hijacked by conspiracy click-baiting and click-baiters. All of this is has demotivated me to continue. But I shall endure and attempt to produce the documentary of documentaries on RF, EMF and 5G as soon as I have all the pieces of the puzzle.

My strategy has been this all along:

1. Find a legal way to oppose construction of new masts – DONE.

2. Find out if Councils are following legal code for LED streetlights and masts – DONE. They are totally ignorant to the dangers of LED and RF or are blatantly hiding the facts. How can a Council say they have no 5G strategy, when they’re building the infrastructure and talking about it within their PR?

3. Find out if Councils are being duped through carrot and stick strategies by private companies to install LED and 5G infrastructure – DONE.

4. Find out if Councils have insurance liability for damage caused to persons and property due to 5G, RF and EMF – DONE. Thanks for everyone who’s done this. The results are conclusive. Not ONE Council has insurance cover for any damage to persons by 5G, RF and EMF.

5. Find out how much telecoms companies are hiding the facts of RF and EMF – DONE:

6. Give people as much information as possible to arm themselves with compelling evidence to shutdown 5G in their counties, cities and countries:– DONE.

7. Create a Liability Notice for people to use making CEOs and C-Level executives of Councils and corporations personally liable for any damage to persons from 5G, RF and EMF – IN PROGRESS! Once we’ve finished this one, I hope things will move in our direction – NOT DONE.

5G is a political hot potato…

Government and Councils say they are following ICNIRP guidelines. ICNIRP say that it’s up to Governments to interpret and take action, as they’re not a true advisory board. Telecoms and phone makers say they follow ICNIRP guidelines, ICNIRP say they only produce guidelines. Truth is that ICNIRP’s guidelines are only based on one device at a time – This inherent flaw in their guidelines is exactly what companies and governments are ultimately abusing to roll out as much collectively unmeasured RF, EMF and 5G tech they can. ICNIRP are blind to this ‘cocktail’ of devices and do not even have guidance – You have to wonder why? This study is fresh off the press: It pretty much proves the very thing that is going unchecked in our countries that ICNIRP and telecoms companies ARE FULL AWARE OF.

Also, I’ve just heard the BBC are calling this 5G grid ‘fake news’ that I found last year, but it’s clearly from scientists: